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Evidence-Based Innovation & Empowering Aesthetic Skincare

Founded in 2005 by Dr Bradley Wagemaker and Tony De Barros, Lamelle Research Laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company that produces highly advanced products for both the professional and consumer aesthetic skincare market, both locally and increasingly internationally. 

Lamelle Products

 Lamelle’s products are developed through a rigorous programme of research, review, meticulous production and constant improvement. But one of the core reasons Lamelle is able to do this stems from a deep understanding of how the body and the skin works, as well as a constant drive to gain even more insight  

Lamelle Ranges

Age Correct


 The Lamelle Dermaheal anti-ageing product range is the most powerful, comprehensive solution for preventing and managing the chronic processes of ageing – especially the type of ageing that is caused and aggravated by sun exposure (photo-ageing). In combination of cutting-edge ingredients that reinvigorates ageing skin cells, lowers the number of enzymes that progressively break down the structure of the skin, and disables the chronic inflammation that is associated with ageing tissue.  

Age Prevent


 The Lamelle Nourish line is a revolutionary anti-ageing product range. In Nourish, they have combined revolutionary DNA damage-correcting enzymes with powerful antioxidants to keep the skin youthful.   In younger skin, Nourish ensures the maintenance of healthy equilibrium in the skin while inhibiting the ageing process – which really starts at birth. In older skin, Nourish restores balance and actively halts the ageing process, so that correction can take place with other supporting products.  



 The Lamelle Luminesce range is one of the world’s most advanced pigmentation ranges and the first-ever product range to use bio-mimicking peptides. Combined with conventional skin-brightening ingredients, this scientific formulation inhibits the production of pigmentation. Safe to use on all skin types, Luminesce has no harmful effects and inhibits eight steps in the primary pigmentation production pathway.   Free of any ingredients that injure skin cells – Luminesce is safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins. 

Problematic Skin



Lamelle treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris with a combination of Clarity – applied to the skin and Acnevelle, an oral supplement that works from within.

Using Clarity and Acnevelle together improves acne inflammatory Prevention by up to 88%. Apart from the dual approach of treating acne topically and internally, Lamelle has included a retinoic acid ester in the Clarity range of products. This innovation has revolutionised the treatment of acne in South Africa. 

Dry & Sensitive


 The Lamelle Serra range of products significantly improves dryness, sensitivity and atopic dermatitis. The ingredients mimic the structure and function of the lipid bi layer in the epidermis, while also calming and soothing inflammation and inhibiting inflammatory responses. All the ingredients used in this range have been tested and found safe and effective on both adults and children. Serra uses no fragrances, colorants, preservatives or parabens.



 The Correctives range contain higher concentrations of very well researched, cutting edge ingredients that are designed to treat specific skin concerns.

The Correctives range is an extremely popular range contains serums & creams and can be added to any of the ranges within Lamelle. They can also be added when you are using another range of products and are looking to boost your results or are in the process of converting to the Lamelle.



Helase 50 SPF

 Helase 50 is Lamelle’s revolutionary photoprotection product that not only has the unique ability to protect the skin from all the harmful effects of the full spectrum of sunlight, but also fixes recent DNA damage that had been caused by the sun and the free radicals produced during sun exposure.

Currently available sunscreen – even broad-spectrum SPF that contains antioxidants – do not provide enough sun protection. South Africa has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, which is why sun protection is not only about keeping your skin looking young and beautiful; it’s about taking steps to prevent developing life-threatening diseases in the future

Helase contains UVA and UVB sunscreens that protect your skin from harmful light frequencies by providing SPF 50 protection.

The super antioxidant Pycnogenol in Helase destroys the harmful free radicals that are produced by sunlight and decreases the number of enzymes that directly cause thinning and sagging of the skin. On top of this, it decreases the damaging and ageing inflammation in the skin, while actively stopping the effects of ageing on the skin and keeping the immunity of the skin intact when exposed to sunlight.

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Ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, because it has shorter wavelengths than the light we can see. Within the UV spectrum, there are two types of rays that can damage the DNA in your skin cells and lead to skin cancer. It’s important to protect your skin from both type.