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About Us

Our Love, Our Passion is to Care for You!

Vardo means Rose.  Rose care - Vardocare

There are  hundred types of roses with their own unique color and shape that grow in different environments. Each rose from  the rose bud to fully bloomed to end of it's life span, are always beautiful. Vardocare sees a Rose in each individual. We believe that no matter your shape, color or age, we care for you to make sure you receive the optimal care within your unique life style.

Restore Passion. Reshape Knowledge. Renew Well being.

The Vardocare team  strives to deliver the best service with great passion, professionalism, experience and  care. Vardocare will ensure you receive the most optimal treatment for your skin and body with in your unique lifestyle. Vardocare will go out of our way to keep you updated and educated on your skin and your body concerns, as we believe you have the biggest right to know your skin and body better. 



Caring for You everyday!